Adam Gibson
Name: Adam Gibson
Team: Laurel
Number: #10
Grade: 12
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: N/A
Position: F
NBA or WNBA player my game most resembles ...
LeBron James
Thing I'm Most vain about ...
My truck
My most cherished possession ...
My cutters
If I became president, the first thing I'd do is ...
Find Osama Bin-Laden
It's midnight and I'm hungry. I'm eating ...
Apple sauce
Nickname I would like to have ...
My cell phone ringtone is ...
Get it Shawty
If my life were on reality TV, I'd call it ...
Life of Adam
The person I just can't beat in one-on-one ...
The most cherished possession that I've lost ...
My hot wheels
One on One
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